The following is a listing of our program times, tuition pricing and fees for the school year.  All classes begin August 6th and end June 19th.  

Tuition Payment Options

  • 2 equal installments due August 1 and January 1

  • 1 payment due on August 1

  • 11 Equal Installments Due August 1-June 1


  • 2 1/2% discount for tuition paid in two installments

  • 5% discount for annual tuition paid in full on or before August 1st. (Cash and Check only otherwise 2 1/2% discount)

  • 10% sibling discount on the second and third siblings enrolled.  Does not apply to the Toddler Class Tuition.


If a child enters our Pre-Primary age class at 3 years, they must be potty trained or pay the Toddler Class tuition which includes fees for Potty Training Assistance.

Fully Potty Trained Child

“A potty-trained preschooler does not need to be reminded to go to the bathroom. The child will ask to use the toilet or  simply go when needed without asking. The child needs little or no assistance with clothes and no assistance with wiping. Potty-trained children wear underwear or panties and do not wear pull ups or have accidents during nap.  Although we realize nap time accidents can and will happen occasionally, the child needs to wake up consistently dry. The goal is complete independence.”






Tuition Pricing 2019.png